100% Recycled Materials

Raynor Shine Recycles all green waste like trees and land debris.

With Raynor Shines fleet of Grapple Trucks we can pick up your debris or you can drop it off at one of our many locations. Raynor Shine is here to assist you with all of your green waste needs. The material is then ground up
and re-used for multiple purposes like fuel, mulch and soil.

Raynor Shine utilizes every aspect of the green waste we pick up of have delivered. With our professional staff we can sort the trees and debris to be used in different applications. This then can be resold as a finished product to our consumers at a reduced rate do to the fact that we produce our own products, eliminating the middle man.

Land clearing, mulch manufacturing, and grinding services is what makes Raynor Shine a talented and diverse recycling company with dedicated and professional employees.
Each of our grinding operations are composed of three machines: a loader, an excavator, and a grinder. While the lead man feeds the grinder with the excavator another man runs the loader and pushes material to the grinder. Raynor Shine uses methods like this to produce large quantities of product to meet the high demands of its customers.