Land Clearing

Professional and Efficiant!

Full service Land Clearing with a large inventory of equipment to service your needs.
We sell quality

Raynor Shine is a full service land clearing and wood recycling company specializing in clearing land and right of ways.

Raynor Shine promise to deliver to you a site that is ready for your immediate use or your next stage of construction. We leave behind no chips, no stumps, no debris,…nothing except a good impression and whatever you tell us to leave behind. We are highly-skilled, professional, and customer-focused, as well as fully bonded and insured.

At Raynor Shine Services we are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees, sub-contractors, and customers. We believe all accidents are preventable. Therefore, we will make every effort to prevent accidents and comply with all established safety and health laws and regulations.