Premium Gold Mulch manufactured, delivered & custom installed throughout Center of Florida.

Premium Gold Mulch gets its brilliant gold color because it is made from only the highest quality select Florida Timber chosen for its ability to produce a gold color as bright as the Florida sun. Only the brightest fibers are chosen for FMI premium gold mulch designed for the “South Florida Look”. Sustainable-Green year-long performance.

Often imitated, but never duplicated, our unique, simulated cypress mulch is colored a vivid, attention getting gold. We use only the finest organic colorants to ensure a long lasting, rich, sunset hue that won’t bleed or stain driveways and sidewalks. Floating in heavy rains is minimized by our grinding process.

All virgin wood is screened to assure even coloring, uniform sizing and to remove the mulch fines. Our gold mulch is made of 100% kiln dried pine. This environmentally friendly mulch contains no pressure treated (CCA) wood, no pallets, no plywood, no C&D wood, no cypress trees and no non-organic additives and chemicals.

FMI was the first in Florida to produce gold mulch, originally developed to replace cypress mulch with a long lasting cypress gold color unrivaled by any other. Available in 2CF bags (75 bags per pallet) or bulk (110 CU YDS per truckload)

Traditional, premium mulch has always been widely utilized by landscape contractors, designers, architects, property management companies, and homeowners who purchase their mulch products from retail outlets. We have been providing premium mulch to customers throughout the state of Florida for decades, and our reputation continues to grow. Our traditional mulch offerings include Premium Red Mulch, Premium Gold Mulch, Cypress Hardwood Blended Mulch, and our 100 percent sustainable cypress alternative, Premium Enviro-Mulch.

*Florida Mulch Inc follows the most strict safety policies in place and meet and exceed all of the DOT requirements. All of installers wear safety vests, goggles and all of our vehicles are equipped with led DOT-certified lighting.

We set the standards when it comes to safety and installation of mulch or ground cover products.